4 Reasons To Choose WOJE Money.

1. Simple & Easy.


We're here for you every step of the way with personal 1 on 1 installation and training.



2. Keep Your Money.


Drastically reduce your dependence on Collection Agencies, keep your profits and reduce your merchant fees.

3. Convenient.


The no-fee ACH transaction processes has been a part of the banking system for centuries.  This system was never given to small business until now.

4.  Visibility.


A simple improvement in your systems, protocols and good practices will allow you to have transparency in transactions, drastically reducing customer turn over and collection issues.


Learn About the Process


We want to help you get up and running as quickly and easily as possible.  The best way is to resolve your questions immediately. We do this with our one on one training. Our goal is your business success, meaning you are not dependent on collection agencies or merchant services. 

Place Your Order.

      Receive Your Stock.

         1 on 1 Training.

Reduce Collections & Processing Fees. 

Let's see if reducing collections and bypassing merchant fees is for you.

​Call (801) 901-8461 now to get a free consultation and see if your business is viable.

It's completely worth it. Convenience and immediate money in my account. No more waiting.

Dr. Steve Renfeldt


It's so simple! I died when I realized all these years...all that money... That I've forfeited when I didn't have to.

Pratt Lefevre Corp

Thank you! Thank you! I have been able to keep so much of the merchant fees I was giving away that it shocked me how big that amount really was!

Travis Douglas


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