Customized to your business ... your needs ... your greatest profits.

  • WOJE Solo

    Does the money you are giving away to merchant services make you ill? Have you thought of all the money you just made your customer have to pay to a credit card company? Did you know that you could be the one to receive it? It's time for you to be the credit card, the bank, the lender, etc.


    Whether you have a product or service, high profit margin or small, you can finance and earn the interest. Woje has for unique style which you can tailor to your needs.


    Woje Solo allows you to dip your toe into this massive trillion dollar income pool without being thrown in the deep end.


    Start simple, start fast, and start making the money you have been giving away with Woje Solo.


    Woje Solo is for individuals and small businesses who want an alternative to shelling out profits to credit card companies, merchant services and collection agencies. This performs best for individuals and companies whose sales are geographically limited by customers or know who know their customers individually. See Policies & Procedures for further details.)

  • Woje Recovery

    Having difficulty collecting on insurance agencies who send payments to your client, or are you having issues with people paying at all?


    Put in place the Woje Recovery protocols, and watch your collection issues drastically reduce. This Solution will also allow you to bypass merchant fees, easily collect on potential collections, and begin earning interest through financing your clients with no-fee auto-withdrawal.


    Keep it all.


    If any fall through the cracks let Always Collect handle the remainder at a large discount for being a member of Woje. 


    (COMING SOON! Woje Recover is for small Medical and Health organizations who want a solution to maintaining income from their accounts receivables whether from insurance companies who mail payments to patients or from clients who may not have insurance.)

  • WOJE Business

    Having the ability to bypass merchant fees, easily collect on potential collections and earning interest through financing your clients, will open your eyes and your wallet to the ever increasing profits your business is generating. Take your small business to the next level with Woje Business



    (WOJE Pro is for small businesses who desire an alternative to shelling out a percentage of their profits to merchant services, dealing with collections and who want to keep credit card interest. This service is for individuals and small companies whose sales are geographically limited. See Policies & Procedures for further details.)



  • Woje Pro

    The Next Level of Profits


    Woje Pro is for those business owners who really want to run the gambit with how much they can bring in from credit card interest, to pre-collection and collection prevention, to merchant bypass. Capture the money and build that profit big.


    What if passive income and interest became a bigger income than your current sales? Learn it simply, learn it fast, make it quick, make it happen, with Woje Pro!

Intimate Group Trainings

Most companies are light on back end service, almost as if to create a dependency on them. Our goal is, teach you well, train you right, get you up sprinting quick and resolve questions immediately. 

Our objective is for you to keep all your profits you can get from merchant fees to credit card interest to the tax benefits Woje's system inevitably creates. 

Let's see if one of the four financing systems is for you.