A Pitfall of Only Accepting Credit Card

 Posted On 2 November 2019 | Posted By Scott A Johnson

With credit card processing, you give total access and privilege to the credit card company to your bank account funds.


When you set up credit cards to deposit funds from customer purchases you also relinquish your to keep those funds. The get to determine if you will receive funds, when you will receive them and, the scary portion, is if you get to keep your sell.

They are the deciding factor whether you get to keep money processed by them or not.

This short video is about what happened to a company that did $15,000 worth of work, receiving payments as services were being completed. Each time a portion was complete, according to the signed  contract, payment was processed. This was all done by contract and Credit card payments were received by signature.

Eliminate the guess work of whether you will get paid or not with woje SOLO. The first ever collection prevention and true inhouse financing system. Take your merchant fees back, prevent collection and keep the credit card interest.

The three problems are the three solutions!


As small businesses we tend to look at following the heard in some aspects because that's the way things are done.

   1. We don't know how to receive money - we use merchant services.

   2. We don't know how to collect money - we use collection agencies

   3. We are scared to finance our customers - we give it away to credit card companies.


Bringing these three back inhouse allows you to keep all that cashflow in a simple systematic way with woje.

Countless small businesses are jumping on the bandwagon of keeping money local. You created it. Why in the world would you give it away if it is simple to keep?

Just ask  Ron H. who changed from having a hard time collecting overdue accounts and was about to bring in a collection agency.

He was receiving about 70% of the funds from past due and 90 day collections. He was accomplishing this number by personally calling and going through the stomach churning collection process. After being set up on woje, he converted it into 100% collection with no stress, little time and had the ability to keep all his past due clients.

Woje makes collection easy! I was nervous at first, but once I realized how simple and comfortable it is, the issue of collections was gone.

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